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Prince of Wales PAC

Prince of Wales Secondary PAC (Parent Advisory Council) includes parents and guardians of all Prince of Wales Secondary students. Every parent is automatically a member of the Prince of Wales PAC.

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About Prince of Wales PAC

Prince of Wales PAC works hard to support and complement the efforts of the teachers and administrative staff at Prince of Wales Secondary in providing an excellent environment for all students. Some of the ways in which the PAC helps our school include advising the Principal and staff about parents’ views and concerns, communicating to all parents about school events and activities, providing a platform for the exchange of suggestions and concerns within our parent community, and fundraising to support classroom and extracurricular programs such as math contests, music, arts, etc. Prince of Wales PAC works to involve all parents and guardians in building a welcoming school community for both parents and students.

We invite all parents to attend PAC meetings and to get involved. Make friends and connections within the parent community. Participate in decision-making that will benefit your child.


How Does A PAC Work?

Through their elected executives from parents in the school, PACs communicate with their parent community gathering and discussing issues of importance regarding their school in order to adequately advise those that influence their school. In addition to PAC meetings communication may also be done through, newsletters, telephone, email, and websites so that all parents have the opportunity for input. PACs, with strong participation from parents, have an important influence on life at the school and the feelings the community has toward the school and education. There is strong evidence that increased parent involvement in the school results in increased student achievement, accomplishment, satisfaction, and bonding all of which result in decreased dropout rates and better citizen.

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Purposes of a PAC

  1.  To advise the school principal and staff on parents’ views and feedback about school programs, policies, plans and activities.
  2.  To organize PAC activities and events and endeavour to provide parent education.
  3.  To encourage parent involvement in the school, and to support programs that promote parent involvement.
  4.  To communicate with parents, and to promote co-operation between the home and the school in providing support for the education of children.
  5.  To assist parents in accessing the system and to advocate on behalf of parents and students.
  6.  To provide financial support for the goals of the PAC, as determined by its membership.
  7.  To advise and participate in the activities of the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) and the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC).
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If you would like to volunteer for a position, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

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